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Been attending the laser clinic for a while now and Kirsty has been incredible each time I've visited. Shes always been reassuring with my treatment. She also suggested for me to register for dental. Had my first appointment with Anthony. Who was very positive. Thank you for your continued excellent customer service especially Kirsty. Even though I dread seeing her for my laser but always have a nice chat to brighten the morning.


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Contraindications Beauty Therapy, Cardiff

There are some medical conditions that contraindicate laser / IPL treatment. If you suffer from any of the following then we may not be able to offer treatment at the clinic. If you do suffer from any of these conditions please discuss at your free consultation. Laser treatment contraindications include:
  • pregnancy and breast feeding 
  • severe inflammatory conditions,
    breaking the cuticle's continuity, chafes, allergic changes 
  • tattoo in the treated area 
  • hormonal disorders, leading to the hirsutism or hipertrichosis 
  • epilepsy 
  • retinoid treatment (derivatives of vitamin A) during last 6 months 
  • using medicines and herbs with photo allergy effects (e.g. tetracycline antibiotics, cytostatics, herbs, such as St John's wort or marigold) during last 6 weeks 
  • skin hypersensitivity to light (porhyria, polymorphic light typhus, lupus erythematosus, light urticaria) 
  • tendency to create discolorations (increased in case of using hormonal medicines, e.g. contraceptives), complex of dysplastic birthmarks 
  • herpes (alternatively, on doctor's consent, and in case of using antivirus medicines, e.g. Zovirax) 
  • underwent and active skin tumours
  • radiotherapy or chemotherapy during last 3 months 
  • active implants, e.g. pacemaker, insulin pump 
  • treatment with steroids during last 3 months
  • Diabetes
  • Auto immune (RZS, Lupus erythematosus, scleroderma)
  • Keratosis
  • HIV
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