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Kirsty was friendly and approachable. The treatment room was a calming relaxing environment. I am very happy with my treatment after only two treatments I have seen a noticeable improvement. I cannot wait to complete my course and see the final results!

Mrs D Murphy,

Laser Hair Removal | Hair Removal Treatment Cardiff - Hickman House

Hair Removal
Prices starting from £24 a session. Check the treatment cost page for further prices. 
You can achieve smooth, soft, hair free skin with non invasive treatment at Hickman Laser Clinic. Laser hair removal is becoming more and more mainstream with men and women and it is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in clinics all over the world.

Traditional methods of removing unwanted hair such as shaving, plucking, waxing and electrolysis can be painful, time consuming and expensive over time. Many of these methods only last a couple of days to a few weeks – none of them last forever. The first reports of using laser energy to selectively destroy hair follicles were published in the early 1990s. Since then lasers and IPL have widely becoming the ‘gold standard’ in the removal of hair.

Not all lasers are effective for the wide variety of skin colours and hair types that vary for each individual. We offer both IPL hair removal and laser hair removal at Hickman Laser Clinic.

Our qualified laser therapists will be happy to answer questions or concerns you may have during a free consultation. If you would like to arrange a consultation please contact us via the ‘book a consultation’ link or on 02920 709050.
What Laser system and IPL do we use?
Hickman Laser Clinic offers:
·         Fotona QX Max (1064 Nd:YAG Laser)
·         Minisilk FT (500-650nm IPL)
How does hair removal treatment work?
To understand how laser/IPL hair removal works it is important to understand the 3 phases of hair growth.Each individual hair is formed inside a hair bulb deep in a hair follicle. The follicle is a tiny but very powerful ‘factory’ which throughout a person’s lifetime hardly ever stops working.
Each hair follicle lives in a cycle consisting of a long period of growth followed by a short period of rest. During the rest period the hair is still attached to the follicle but is not growing. After the resting phase the hair is spontaneously shed and a new hair will begin to grow – hence the hair growth cycle.
The Three Stages of the Hair Life Cycle
o   Anagen Stage
This is the growing period of a hair follicle. The hair follicles in the scalp typically last about 3-5 years.
o   Catagen Stage
This is the ‘intermediate’ phase at the end of the growth period. This stage of the cycle usually lasts about 1-2 weeks or so. During this stage the deeper portions of the hair follicles start to collapse.
o   Telogen Stage
This is the resting period of the hair follicle. It usually lasts 3-4 months and at the end of this period older hair will fall out and new hairs will begin to grow.

As there are different stages of the cycle, you can now start to understand why multiple laser/IPL hair treatments are required. If the hair is outside the skin surface and has visible pigment it is in anagen phase. Its pigment can absorb the laser light right down to the hair bulb and the follicle can be destroyed at the root (dermal papilla) – preventing re-growth. When the hair is in catagen/telogen phase it is not visible or capable of absorbing the light emitted so no destruction of the follicle will occur.

A short burst of light energy is delivered onto the skins surface by the IPL or laser being used. The melanin in the hair follicle absorbs the light and converts this light energy into heat. If the hair is in its growth stage (anagen) the heat will travel down the shaft at the base of the root and destroy its germination centre which prevents re-growth. As each hair will be at different stages of the growth cycle, several treatments will be required to ensure that all hairs are treated effectively.
How many treatment sessions are needed?
On average 6-10 treatment sessions are needed 4-6 weeks apart. The exact number of treatments will depend on hair colour, skin colour, hair density and hair growth cycle.
Can all hair colours be treated?

Dark hair responds best to laser and IPL treatment because the melanin in the hair absorbs the laser light. Fair hair can respond well but will require more treatments. Unfortunately, white, grey and very blonde hair responds poorly to lasers and IPL treatment.
Is treatment painful?
We use a powerful Zimmer cooler whilst using laser or IPL on the skin. This lowers the skins surface temperature ensuring that most of our clients experience no more than a mild discomfort.
Is laser treatment safe?

Our laser therapists are fully trained and qualified and undertake regular courses to ensure they continue to develop their knowledge and skills. Our laser clinic is registered with the Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW) ensuring we work to the highest level of safety for our clients. 

Call us today on 029 2071 33399 to book your free laser or IPL hair removal consultation at our Penarth clinic.
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