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I would highly recommend the tattoo removal treatment at Hickman laser Clinic. I was worried that the tattoo I had would be stuck with me for life! They have managed to totally remove it for me! Really pleased with the results.

Mrs T Jones,

Kirsty was friendly and approachable. The treatment room was a calming relaxing environment. I am very happy with my treatment after only two treatments I have seen a noticeable improvement. I cannot wait to complete my course and see the final results!

Mrs D Murphy,

Facial Thread Vein Treatments at Hickman House

Thread veins or telangiectasia are the small red or blue veins which can appear anywhere on the body but are most common on the face and legs. They can appear as a single vein or a collection of broken veins together.

There are a variety of causes of thread veins including smoking, hormonal changes, alcohol and prolonged standing.

How to Get Rid of Thread Veins

Laser treatment for thread veins is the best option, during facial thread vein treatments a laser is targeted directly at the thread vein which causes it to heat up. This increase in temperature causes damage to the blood vessel wall, resulting in the blood vessel closing. 

IPL delivers a much larger spot of energy that heats vessels in much the same way. This effect is more suited for areas of diffuse redness where it is not possible to target individual vessels. 

With both treatments, the damaged veins gradually dissolve and are removed by the body’s immune system over several weeks after treatment which helps to reduce thread veins on the face.

Does the treatment hurt?

The laser/IPL emits short bursts of energy at the thread veins. Clients have referred to the sensation as a hot pin-prick on the skin. It can be uncomfortable but during and after treatment we use a cooler to reduce the discomfort.


What can I expect after treatment?

The treated veins will be immediately more visible than before the treatment and may appear more red and raised. There may be some crusting of the vein for a few days after treatment and some bruising that will fade over the weeks following treatment. This is a normal reaction and part of the healing process. 


How many treatment sessions are required?

The number of treatments will vary on the site and extent of the affected area. A minimum of two treatments is usually required at 4 week intervals.

If you would like to remove thread veins on your nose, face or any other part of your body, call us today on 029 2071 3399 to book your free consultation at our Penarth clinic.




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