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Been attending the laser clinic for a while now and Kirsty has been incredible each time I've visited. Shes always been reassuring with my treatment. She also suggested for me to register for dental. Had my first appointment with Anthony. Who was very positive. Thank you for your continued excellent customer service especially Kirsty. Even though I dread seeing her for my laser but always have a nice chat to brighten the morning.


Kirsty was friendly and approachable. The treatment room was a calming relaxing environment. I am very happy with my treatment after only two treatments I have seen a noticeable improvement. I cannot wait to complete my course and see the final results!

Mrs D Murphy,

Countdown to Radiance: Your Bridal Beauty Checklist

You’ve had the romantic proposal; the rock’s on your finger, you’ve chosen your dream dress and booked the perfect venue. With all the preparations involved in the run-up to your big day, make sure your bridal beauty regime is on track with our handy countdown guide. Starting from six months before your big day, our wedding beauty tips will ensure you look relaxed and radiant as you glide down the aisle to your wide-eyed future husband. If you’re worrying about when and where to start, our bridal beauty tips are here to help, so relax and read on.

6 months to go
With six months to go in your bridal beauty regime, your skin should be your first priority. By now you should have identified who will do your make-up on the big day and you will want to give them the best possible canvas to work with. Depending on its condition, skin can take a while to start showing the results of beauty treatments so now’s the time to get cracking (or not!).

Most of us are not blessed with a supermodel’s complexion but, with the variety of treatments on offer these days, there are plenty of options to help you get close enough. Make time to talk to a qualified beautician, ideally one that has been recommended to you, and voice your concerns about the problem areas you would like to address. Your therapist will help you identify the treatments you can use to perfect your complexion, whether it be a course of micro-dermabrasion to reduce pores and clear congestion, or a few glycolic peels to get your skin photo-ready and glowing.

If your skin doesn’t need too much help or your budget doesn’t stretch to professional dermatological treatments, you’ll be amazed at the difference that regular facials can make. Supplemented by a good at-home skincare regime and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, regular visits to a good facialist will transform your skin. Whatever treatments you do decide to opt for, the most important thing is to start early – consult a qualified therapist at the six months stage and the results will speak for themselves come the big day.

3 months to go
In addition to the right skin treatments, the best bridal beauty tips involve regular exercise and a healthy diet. To ensure you walk down that aisle looking and feeling the best you ever have done, start your body overhaul now. We’re not talking drastic diets, which only lead to short-term weight loss, stress and frustrating hunger pangs in the build-up to your big day. Simply ensuring you get the right nutrients at regular intervals will do more for your skin than any low-carb diet or protein shake can ever achieve!

Forget about counting calories, simply eliminate the bad stuff (and by that, you know we mean chocolate, biscuits, crisps and sugary drinks, along with refined carbs like white bread, pasta and rice.) Fill up on healthy whole grains, lean proteins and plenty of fruit and veg and again, don’t neglect your water intake!

You may not be a gym bunny and the idea of running for miles might terrify you but you’ll be amazed at the difference regular exercise will make, not just to your figure and your complexion, but to your state of mind as well. Try to get 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week (ideally 5) and you’ll see what we mean.

Don’t launch yourself into it full throttle, particularly if you’re not someone who exercises regularly to begin with, just try some brisk walks or light jogging, increasing your time gradually until you can do it for 30 minutes. No matter how unfit you are, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your body adapts. Before you know it, running a few miles might not seem that unrealistic after all!

1 month to go
You should have your pre-wedding beauty appointments booked at this stage. While your make-up and hair will have to be done the morning of your wedding, your mani/pedi can be done the day before. Have plenty of trials in the run-up to the big day, particularly with your hair and make-up. It’s very important to ensure your hairstylist and beauty therapist fully understand the look you’re going for so there are no tears and unwanted surprises on the day itself!

3 weeks to go
Pale and interesting is all very well and can actually be a beautiful look for a winter wedding. If you’ve opted for a summer celebration though, you may want to consider working on that sunny glow as part of your bridal beauty regime. With such a variety of realistic fake tans now available, there’s no excuse for burning your skin or risking premature wrinkles by using sun beds. Three weeks before your big day, speak to a few different tanning therapists and experiment with various brands and levels of colour to find the shade that’s right for you. Remember, you want to look golden, not orange. Once you’ve found the right therapist, book your appointment for two days before the wedding. A couple of showers between the tanning session and the big day itself will remove any leftover residue, ensuring you don’t stain your dress.

2 weeks to go
Now is a good time to get a haircut. Don’t go for a drastic new look at this stage, simply ask for a good trim to get rid of any dry or split ends. If you opt for a nourishing treatment as well, your hair will be in tip-top condition. It’s also a good idea to book a couple of pampering hand and foot treatments during these two weeks – a few manicures and pedicures that incorporate moisturising treatments such as paraffin masks and cuticle oils will ensure your feet are baby-soft for the big day and that your hands show off that new wedding band to perfection.

1 week to go
Now it’s time to get down to some serious sprucing! If you normally colour or highlight your hair, do this a week before your wedding. If you’re less than happy with your smile, make an appointment with your dentist for a teeth cleaning or teeth whitening procedure. If you wax regularly, make sure to do so no later than one week before your big day, particularly if your skin is sensitive. This is also a good time to make a brow-shaping appointment as part of your bridal beauty regime – you’re about to be photographed more than you’ve ever been before and you want to make sure that your perfect eye-make up is framed by expertly groomed brows! In the final week before your wedding, it’s important to feel relaxed and refreshed.

Start going to bed an hour earlier each evening; this will ensure you get plenty of rest and hopefully enable you to fall asleep quickly the night before your big day. If you’re feeling decadent, book yourself some relaxing therapies – a massage could be the perfect treat (just make sure it won’t affect your spray tan).

The day before
The countdown is drawing to a close! By now, you’re looking fit and healthy, your skin is glowing and your mind is calm. Use the day before your wedding to take care of some last minute essentials, such as gently exfoliating your body and applying plenty of moisturiser. You might want to prepare a small beauty bag which your bridesmaid can take care of on the day.  Make sure to include a comb, hairspray and hairclips, cotton wool and cotton buds, make-up and nail varnish remover, as well as lipstick, face powder and a small bottle of nail varnish for any last-minute touch-ups. Eat a light meal such as a chicken salad the night before; avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water instead. Take a warm bath before bed-time, sip some herbal tea to help you unwind, and then drift off to sleep knowing that the happiest day of your life is just a few hours away and you look gorgeous.  

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